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With the increasingly complicated and time-sensitive challenges being placed on today’s IT departments, businesses are making use of virtualization as a way to control costs and leverage hardware resources to their fullest extent. Virtualization is seen as a technology that not only allows businesses to increase the utilization of their computing resources, save on floor space, and reduce power & cooling costs, but also as a first step in the journey towards a cloud-based architecture and on-demand application availability.

Cisco’s Data Center solution with [MarketAsset1601] provides an industry leading, fabric-based infrastructure to help reduce the complexity of deploying and managing a virtualized environment. We help transform your business’s vital data infrastructures, processes, and organizations with maximum effectiveness and minimum risk, cost, or disruption.
Your business can profit from:
Simplified scalability that won’t restrict your growing number of virtual machines
Embedded Intelligence that provide consistent security and network-based services from your physical to your virtualized environments
More control and less maintenance through a consolidated, virtualized environment
An adaptable and neutral foundation for a wide ecosystem of other partners and vendors including Citrix, VMWare, EMC, and Microsoft
Maximized server capacity through a virtualized environment that enables multiple apps and operating systems to run on the same machines
Learn more about how Cisco and [MarketAsset1601] can help you reduce operational costs while building the groundwork for the future.


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